About Me - The Payroll Blogger

I cut my teeth in the human resources and payroll software world - and enjoyed every minute of it and created my first payroll software blog a few years ago. It seems based on some success, management has put me on the project teams for the CRM software, ERP software and supply chain management software projects. I enjoy the learning and the challenge.

My primary training and work experience is as a senior HR and payroll practitioner. I manage a 12 member HR and payroll team handling the company's global HR and payroll requirements. I love my work and have enjoyed a rewarding career.

By choice, I'm an advocate of human resource software systems, but now having been injected into the worlds of ERP, CRM and SCM, I'm a proponent of pretty much all business software systems. Perhaps I'm unique, or not, but I really enjoy business process improvement exercises, implementing business software systems, figuring out the newer offerings of enterprise 2.0 and social CRM (SCRM) tools, and uncovering related value-added productivity systems. I also enjoy change management, as long as the purpose is clear and the vision sound.

I've used several payroll, human resources and HRIS applications over the last 20 years. I originally gained my payroll software learning curve with PeopleSoft - an HRMS system that is now with Oracle and fading into the sunset, but one I still admire greatly. Other payroll software systems I've used include Oracle, SAP, Lawson and most recently SuccessFactors (now an SAP product). In my current role, I also use Ultimate Software for payroll processing, Halogen Software for employee performance management, Salesforce.com for CRM software, Marketo for marketing automation, OpenView for sales lead intelligence and a few other productivity applications. Almost all of the business systems I currently use are delivered in the software as a service (SaaS) deployment model, or I guess what the majority of business software providers like to call the cloud.

I created this business software blog to share some of my first hand experiences, collaborate with like minded business software professionals, and learn from the collaboration of peers. I'm on a long journey, and enjoy meeting other people pursuing the same journey.

I usually attend Oracle OpenWorld and Salesforce.com's DreamForce - and enjoy meeting old and new friends at these great annual events.

I hope you enjoy this website. Good reading, good learning and good luck.