ERP Blog

We're on the lookout for an ERP software blog, but not finding nearly as many as we thought we might.

The social web and an increasingly social business community are sharing more information then ever before, so we're hoping ERP software is also getting more engaging and more social. We're looking for ERP software blogs, websites, wikis, online communities, discussion forums and similar social destinations.

We're hoping to find several good ERP blogs, or at least at a minimum a few really good ERP blogs. We know that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programs deliver a central company-wide information system, bringing together line of business applications from across the company and across the globe (at least for decentralized or multi-national companies) into a single and central company-wide information system, but we need to know so much more. And we want to learn from the experiences, lessons and insights of others.

We think we know the software basics, such that ERP apps bring together at lesst different types of line of business programs such as accounting software, manufacturing apps, distribution software, HR/payroll systems, and CRM, in order to consolidate information and automate end to end processes, but we need to know so much more. Did I already mention that? And its our feeling that finding a few expert ERP blog sites will share some valuable insights in our pursuit of continuous learning on this important topic. We've found one software ERP blog that we like, but want to find at least a few more.

ERP Apps

We (think we) are now somewhere over the hump (we hope) of our internal ERP system implementation. We've signed off on a pilot configuration and are near roll-out. In a website post (after we've learned a few things), I expect to take a retro look and give a post mortem assessment of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) experience, including the way we chose it, implemented it and the major lessons we learned. Our ERP app is a cloud computing solution, or I guess more specifically a software as a service ERP application. Its from SAP and called Business ByDesign. There is an objective review that discloses SAP Business ByDesign Strengths and Weaknesses at We found this review very helpful and have since found it to be very accurate.

Beyond Accounting Software

Our prior business application was Microsoft Dynamics GP. It was called an ERP app, but in reality, at least in our environment, it was pretty much just an accounting software app that included several accounting modules such as general ledger, accounts receivable, sales orders, accounts payable, purchase orders, fixed assets and some limited inventory management. In our software selection project we chose SAP Business ByDesign to get a cloud ERP system (and reduce the need for IT labor which is quite expensive for our company) and get a true enterprise-wide ERP app that included integrated supply chain, payroll and human resources, and CRM software. We think we've chosen a top flight ERP system, but will report back after our software implementation(which will hopefully be a success).