ERP Software Blog

We're in search of good ERP software blogs, or at least one really good ERP software blog. We know that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems provide the central company-wide information system, integrating line of business applications across lines ofbusiness and geographic locations into a central and shared company-wide information system, but we need to know much more. We even know that ERP systems bring together five types of business applications, including accounting software, manufacturing software, supply chain management software, HR/payroll software, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, in order to consolidate company wide data and automate end to end business processes, but we need to know much, much more. And our feeling is that finding a few expert ERP bloggers may shed some light in our learning pursuit. We've found one ERP software blog that we like, but would like to find many more.

ERP Systems

We're now somewhere near the middle (we hope) of our own ERP system implementation. In a future article, I hope to take a backward look and give a review of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and the way we deployed it. Our application happens to be a cloud or software as a service (SaaS) ERP system, called SAP Business ByDesign. There's a interesting and objective review that discloses both SAP Business ByDesign Strengths and Weaknesses at We found this review very helpful.

Not Just Accounting Software

Our previous business application was a mid-tier business software system called Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains. It was often called an ERP system, however, in our environment, it was pretty much limited to accounting software - that is general ledger, accounts receivable, sales order processing, accounts payable, purchase order processing, project accountign and some minimal inventory management. We selected SAP Business ByDesign for two primary reasons. First, to get into the cloud - and reduce the need for IT labor. Second, we wanted an enterprise-wide ERP software system that included fully integrated supply chain management, payroll, human resources and customer relationship maangement (CRM). We think we've got the right system, but will report back after our implementation.