Supply Chain Management Systems

Successful Supply Chain Management software and strategy is far more than just a one time project activity; This complex undertaking requires a change in company thinking, company culture and a continuous pursuit that matures as customer needs change, organizational capabilities evolve and software technology advances. Supply chain management (SCM) is primarily a business strategy, however, SCM software provides the needed data management and process automation to enable supply chain and distribution strategies.

Proper supply chain software selections are required to achieve subsequent implementation and production success. Mess up the SCM software selection and you are likely to incur a subsequent cascade of technology challenges, cultural problems and failed business processes. Fortunately, SCM success is as much science as it is art. To learn more, check out online commuities and look for a good supply chain software blog or two.

ERP Software Systems

In our next analysis, we're going to take a look at Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems, with a particular focus on cloud or SaaS ERP systems. There's a helpful and independent review that shares SAP Business ByDesign Strengths and Weaknesses at and this triggered us to learn more about cloud ERP, and then apply some of that learning to cloud marketing systems.

Marketing Software Systems

Performance-based marketing campaigns are only the first step in the customer acquisition process. However, all to often marketing efforts get short rift from the executive team, marketing staff are under-resourced and marketing campaigns are not consistent, systemic, automated, measured or learned from. For marketing executives to step up their performance and contribution to their firms, they should first begin by educating themselves - in places like online marketing forums which share market research, expert insight, best practices, case studies and peer advice to better support marketers to select and deploy marketing software and CRM software systems, improve campaign metrics, increase marketing budget ROI and prove marketing's strategic role in the customer acquisition, engagement and renewal process.