Mobile CRM

With mobile Customer Relationship Management software systems, information no longer has to wait until employees return to their offices. Anytime and anywhere online access makes information available and actionable when and where it can be used or is needed. CRM processes can be achieved in real-time, process cycles can be reduced and customers can get served more quickly. But even with the increasing releases of new mobile and tablet devices, the near everywhere presence of wireless services and the pace of mobile products released from CRM software vendors, this part of the CRM software market remains in its infancy in many ways.

More CRM Mobility

The mobile CRM industry is accelerating at an increased pace. Mobile CRM software is merging with social CRM (sCRM) to increase utility and keep staff empowered in real-time or engaged with prospects and customers at any time. But for mobility to truly deliver on its capability, customer and product information must be accessible across many mobile devices, in real-time, and easily extracted and integrated with CRM software applications.

Research from AMI reports that 240 million enterprise business customers will use cloud computing services from their mobile devices by the end of 2015—the same year the enterprise mobile cloud computing market is forecast to hit $5.2 billion revenues, driven in very large part by the expansion of cloud-based IT and CRM solutions and more business customers using more cellular connected devices, particularly tablets such as the iPad.

mobile CRM