CRM & Contact Center Software

CRM strategy coupled with CRM software is a synergistic combination to help businesses meet their top objectives. As reported in Aplicaciones de Mercadeo, for most businesses, CRM software systems include sales force automation (SFA), marketing software and customer service software. Here we take a second look at customer service software.

Customer Service Software

Sales force automation (SFA) software and marketing software systems often attract much of the CRM software spotlight, but the CRM software suite is not complete without the strategy and technology to engage, respond and retain customers. And in a crowded and competitive CRM software industry where many IT buyers believe CRM applications are becoming a commodity, customer service operations and software systems may become the next true killer app. Customer service systems queue, manage and automate customer requests, cases and incidents from first contact all the way through successful resolution, as well as provide customers with the consistent service that increases customer loyalty, customer share and customer longevity.

Delivering successful customer service may be the last competitive differentiator. Products and services can be quickly copied by competitors, however, customer engagement is a business art that is pervasive throughout the company culture and is not so easily copied. Once the sales and marketing team deliver new customer relationships, it is then up to a customer service function to take the lead and satisfy those customers for the long haul. Promoting sales efforts without corresponding customer support at the ready is like pushing money into a pocket full of holes.

Customer Support