CRM Software and Strategy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies should be aligned with the company mission, purpose and detailed strategies if they are to achieve long standing success. CRM strategies are fluid, iterative and even sometimes fluctuating processes; as the business matures so to will the CRM strategy—and the supporting CRM software system.

If creating successful CRM strategies and goals were either routine or easy, the all too well recognized implementation failure rates would not be so deplorably high (over 50% according to analyst firm Gartner). To prevent becoming one of the unsuccessful CRM software statistics, get online and get educated. Review industry research, read syndicated content and follow the top CRM blogs while implementing and sustaining your CRM strategies.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) goals and benefits originate from well planned and well articulated CRM strategies. However, too many CRM software instances begin with CRM software before developing a thoughtful customer strategy. While CRM systems will not achieve the promise of CRM by themselves, combining CRM strategy with supporting CRM software applications deliver a powerful combination in achieving sustained business success.

CRM Strategy